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Beginners’ Guide to Texas Holdem Poker

If you have never played poker before, it is understandable if you are a little bit nervous about playing with your friends in the coming days. Perhaps one of your friends or colleagues set up a poker night at their house, and you are unsure if you want to attend, because you have never played Texas Holdem before. The bad news is that you are probably not going to win your friends’ money at the poker night. But the good news is that you can easily play with them, provided you read through our guide on Texas Holdem Poker, and play a few practice games online.

Texas Holdem is the most popular version of poker in the world, and it is the one that is played competitively for millions of dollars each year. The premise of the game is to see who has the best “hand” at the end of each round, with a hand being a five-card combination of the cards that the player has at their disposal and the cards that are laid out on the table. A total of two cards are provided to each player at the start of every Texas Holdem round.

Each player is allowed to look at their two-card hand as soon as it is given to them, but they do not (and should not) show it to any of the other players. An initial round of betting takes place, where the players are either going to match the amount of chips put on the table, raise the count, or fold. A player may fold at any time when they are faced with the possibility of putting more chips on the table, but they would lose any chips they had already put into the mix.

When the initial betting round is complete, five cards are put face down on the table by the dealer. Three of those cards are put face up, which provides each player with the first glimpse at the possibility of their final hand for the round. Remember, the final hand is a five-card hand, but there are a total of two cards in your possession and a total of five to be shown on the table. So you will be taking the best five cards from a possible seven. Another two rounds of betting take place, with an additional card revealed after each round, at which point all the cards on the table are revealed.

If more than one player is still alive in the round when the final card is revealed, each of the remaining players will show their hand to determine the winner. The order of hands from lowest to highest is as follows:
– One Pair
– Two Pairs
– Three of a Kind
– Straight
– Flush
– Full House
– Four of a King
– Straight Flush
– Royal Flush

For instance, if one player has a flush, but a second player shows they have a full house, the player with the full house will win the round and all the chips that were put in by the players during that round.