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Gambling Thesaurus

When you are getting into gambling for the first time, you might find yourself a little bit overwhelmed by the different lingo being used to explain the various events that are taking place in front of you. But before you get too anxious about all these terms, it may be a good idea to check out our gambling thesaurus. Not only will it help define some terms for you that you may only have heard one or two times, but the thesaurus can help you understand that the most unusual and obscure gambling-related words or phrases usually have the most common of meanings.

It is not out of place for you to hear words such as sweepstake, tossup, venture, taking a shot in the dark, undertake and go for broke when you are in the presence of gamblers. But what you probably do not know is that most of these words have very simple meanings – they are simply fun ways of expressing simple ideas. Here is a look at some of the common phrases you may hear when you are at a gambling establishments, or among friends who love to gamble. The thesaurus should also help you pick up one or two of these more unique phrases.

Lottery – lotto, luck of the draw, numbers game, sweepstake

Raffle – bet, draw, wager, pool, speculation, tossup

Dare – endeavor, gamble, undertake, venture, take a chance, run the risk, pluck up

Risk – go for broke, going out on a limb, skating on thin ice, taking the plunge

Speculator – gambler, better, risk taker, gamester, adventurer, bettor, player

These are the types of words and phrases you are often going to hear when you are around a cards table or at the slot machines. And even though you may never have used some of these phrases before, you have certainly expressed the sentiments they are representing. As long as you remember the specific phrase that matches up with the overarching sentiment, you should not have any trouble fitting in and understanding your gambling friends!

Some other words you may regularly hear while you are gambling include chips, break, bust, dealer, full house, on the river, and house rules. The words may appear meaningless at first, but when you play a few games, you will find yourself using the same vernacular as everyone else! One of the best parts of gambling is finding out you have this whole new vocabulary that you never felt the need to use before.